«This is a very proud moment for me.
I have been training now for almost 7 months.
First i dropped my weight from 82kg to 71kg.
After that i gained 3,5 kg weight again but this time it was muscle.
I had my hiccups in between…but i fought through.
The first picture was taken in november 2017, the other one is from today.
My chest, arms and back got bigger and stronger. My endurance is WAY better than last summer.
But not only did i change my body….i also have a new addiction…and it‘s called CrossFit.
Thanks to a very good and balanced nutrition, hard work and support from the amazing coaches from CrossFit HelvetiX I was able to push my limits and reach my first big step!

But like i said…
This is just the beginning…
Can‘t wait to reach the next level.»

– Raffaelle Uccella, member since August 2017.