CFH Origins

CFH Origins

The history of CFH started way earlier than 2014. That was just the beginning of our official affiliation by CrossFit. and the finish line of a long process, including building a functional training gym from a scratch. I remember watching my first CrossFit videos of the iconic Chris Spealler in 2011. The same year, Rich Froning Jr. and Annie Thorisdottir were crowned “Fittest on earth” for the first time.

The intensity of these workouts and the effectiveness of metabolic conditioning was a whole new experience for me. I first met David by chance on a dinner and we were talking about fitness and his desire to get in shape. We did a workout together, he nearly died and was hooked immediately. It was his idea to start group sessions and trying to earn some money with it. I draw a logo on a piece of paper, we founded an association and rented a school gym twice a week in the evening. We started successfully and spent the money for equipment. OpenGym was born.

We sold punch-cards to friends and their friends, Micha and Peppe became members first, then coaches and we we`ve been working out at CrossFit Jackhammer as often as possible. The desire for an own facility where we would be able to drop weights and literally hang out all day was growing. It turned into a start-up with 4 co-owners and the grand opening of CrossFit HelvetiX in late March 2014. By that time, “Mo” was a member of OpenGym already. Seraina & Agi joined our tribe as members the same year and Stefan & Hugo in 2015. All of our coaches, including “Dome” started their journey as members.

Watch this “making of” our old box at Vogesenstrasse! Music starts at 1:30 or fast forward to 5:17 to see the result in great pictures by Christoph Körner.

I would like to thank Robert Berisha, Salvi Gulino and Stefan Arnold! Without your help and craftmanship, our old and new box would not be the same. Shout out also to Mäni Käser, who supported our move to the larger location with a loan and in return became one of our fittest “Masters”. Last but not least, our creative department Chris Jäger and Björn Myhre for continuously delivering stunning pictures & videos of our tribe. Thank you all!

We also still have a couple of members who joined our tribe at the old location, helped us move to Hagenaustrasse and managed to stick around since then. Fiammetta, Debora, Nico, Mäni, Dobromir and Daniel Boltz are with us since the old days. They earned the status of CFH legends.

Watch our first professional promo video, created 2018 by our gifted member Giuseppe Salva.

Although two co-owners left the company since 2014, our tribe was growing steadily and Micha`s well organized mastermind seems to be the perfect match for my well unorganized brain farts. We are partners in crime since the beginning and plan to continue until we can sell our company for a shitload of money and retire to Hawaii. None of this would have worked without our strong women, Eli & Gerlinde, backing us up everyday. Thank you for being the “Clean” to us “Jerks”!

Finally, we have to thank our phenomenal coaches! Culture & community is built around great staff members. We are so glad to work with inspiring people, who deliver their passion to every member in every class on every day.

“Join our 8-year anniversary event on Saturday April 30th!”

#Teamwork makes the dreamwork

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