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Our Tag-Team Event is going to be a fun community event for all CFH members. Newbies and veterans are welcome to join.

Teams of 2 athletes will perform 1 workout together (20-25min). Every composition of teams is possible (FF, MM or FM). Choose your team`s category (Scaled or Rxd), find a freaky teamname & matching outfits! Like on our “Schnitzeljagd” event, the scores will be calculated according to the team composition. There will be no disadvantage for any gender.

If the measures allow, we will Cool Down with BBQ & beers in the sunshine. We are so desperately looking forward to host some kind of social event again.

If you have questions drop an e-mail at
Event Details

Date: 26th June 2021

Time: 9:30 – 14:00 o’clock

Teams of 2

Fee: for free

CrossFit HelvetiX

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