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Let`s celebrate Christmas together with your fellow athletes & coaches! Check out the Benchmark Workout for Saturday, 11.12.2021

Doors open at 5.30 p.m. for Aperitif

1-RM “Swiss cheese fondue with wine”

AMRAP “Schrottwichteln with Santa” + Delicious drinks presented by BARTY starting at 8pm

Cozy get-together + Photobooth by SALVA

Cost: CHF 45.- (kids pay 20,- if they eat also)
Partners, kids & family members are welcome, too! Please pay cash or card in the Box on your next visit!

If you have more elegant clothes, than training wear, we suggest you leave your Nanos & Metcons at home. But don`t forget: It will be cold inside…at least until the bar opens.

If you like to participate in our famous “Schrottwichteln”, you need to bring a wrapped gift. It should be something you have at home already but totally useless, not needed anymore or even awful in your eyes. No matter if it`s new or used already. Google the meaning of “Schrott” and you will find something for sure. You don`t want to miss this!

Please be aware, the 3G-rule applies for this event. In case of changing Covid-measures or event cancellation, CFH will refund all payments.

Please, use the button below to register for the event! Registration closes Monday, 29.11.!

Event Details

11. December 2021

Saturday 17:30

45,- adults/20,- kids

CrossFit HelvetiX

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