Join our December PLANK-Challenge!🔥
It‘s the time of the year, when eating & drinking may ruin your dreams of a sixpack again. How about gaining abs instead of feeling like a fat Santa after Christmas holidays? The Challenge is free for everyone, including your family & friends. It doesn‘t require a gym or equipment. All you need is your phone (timer) and a carpet or mat.

The challenge is physically and mentally tough. But if you stick to your daily task and stay disciplined, everything is possible. Give yourself the gift of ABS for Christmas! We got your back!

We will go live on Insta Friday, December 3rd at 18:00 for a plank hold session of 3 min, 10 min (December 10th), 17 min (December 17th) and 24 min (Christmas Eve will be in the afternoon). Please, follow us on Insta or facebook and check out the times of our Insta Live Events every Friday!
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01. – 24. December

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