Onboarding New Members

Onboarding New Members

Due to lots of referrals from you guys, our tribe was growing a lot lately. Thank you so much for being perfect CFH ambassadors! These are our mesasures to slow down the member growth and ensure enough training spots for existing members:

  • Trial classes not for free anymore
  • CrossFit Intro 100,- CHF
  • No Intro for experienced athletes
  • Soon, there may be waiting times for the admission of new members
  • Soon, we will add more classes/spots to our weekly schedule

Starting May 2023, we already adjusted our Onboarding for new people. Our trial class won`t be for free anymore. We will charge 25,- CHF, that will be credited, when signing up for our CrossFit Intro (beginners only) or any other membership subscription. We also raised the price for our 5-session CrossFit Intro to 100,- CHF.

The same goes for HIT trials. We will charge 20,- CHF for it. Money will be credited, when signing up for a 10, 30 or 50 session HIT membership. Only the trial in our Moms classes at 9 am will still be for free, as these classes aren`t fully booked at the moment.

At CrossFit HelvetiX, we are convinced that quality coaching is a valuable service and want to prevent people from cancelling their trial short notice or not showing up at all. Unfortunately that became a serious problem lately.

Experienced CrossFitters are NOT entitled anymore to book our CrossFit Intro. They can Drop-In for a trial class (not for free) and decide afterwards if they want to proceed with one of our membership options.

Very soon, we will only accept new members if existing members leave. There may be waiting times for the admission of new members. This is how we ensure, that you can use all trainings on your subscriptions and get what you pay for.

If you have friends, who are seriously interested in improving their fitness under professional guidance, please send them over. People who just want to do a single fun workout, not ready to invest in their health, should probably try something else.

A trial for beginners can be booked online on our website and is not limited to Wednesday 8 pm anymore. Starting May, it`s possible to book a trial in every CrossFit 2-Coaches class from Monday to Friday.

We are a hard-working community built on mutual respect and a highly enjoyable learning environment. Over the years, our tribe has developed a culture that attracts the right people.  And this way, we will happily “Lift” ever after.

Your team CFH

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