We are Qualitop Certified

We are Qualitop Certified

We are very happy to announce that we are officially certified by Qualitop. Qualitop certifies fitness and health centers as well as course providers. The label was the first Swiss quality label that certifies fitness providers and recognizes that fitness training makes an important part of a healthy lifestyle. ⁠The label promotes transparency and comparability for consumers and helps to ensure the highest quality of health- and exercise-oriented offers in Switzerland.
Qualitop stands for:
  • Guaranteed safety standards⁠
  • Certified safety and effectivity of our training⁠
  • Regular maintenance & review⁠
Your benefits:
  • We keep the quality of our physical activity offer high, evaluate it and constantly improve it.⁠
  • Health insurance companies will contribute to the costs of your membership (depending on your coverage).
  • All memberships, session cards and the postpartum courses are certified.⁠

qualitop – how it works:
Your health insurance company may refund a certain amount of your CFH membership fee. They only allow once a year and the total amount differs, depending on your health insurance company and your personal insurance package.

What you need:

  • Your bill, bank slip or proof of payment to CFH
  • A sheet called “Abonnementbestätigung”, which your coach can hand over. If you are aware of the start & end date of your current membership, filling out the form will be faster.
  • Send these two things to your insurance company and wait for the refund!

CFH has no influence on the amount of the refund. Call your insurance company if you have questions!

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