Fitness training for pregnant and postpartum moms who want to continue training with guidance on core, pelvic floor and overall health!

Functional fitness for every phase of your pregnancy and beyond!

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*the Postpartum “Back-on-Track” Courses are block courses. The next start dates can be found below.

Moms Classes and Courses

Moms Class

In these functional fitness classes pregnant and postpartum moms work out side by side and get strong together. The workouts are tailored to the individual needs and can be scaled to meet your current fitness level.

In all Moms classes you can always bring your baby with you, but note that there is no extra child care.

We recommend that you are at least 12 weeks postpartum to join these classes. If you haven’t done a postpartum rehab program yet, an assessment is highly recommended before you get started.

You can book a free trial “Moms Class” before you decide on a sessions card. The classes can be joined anytime.


"Back-on-Track" Course

This 6-week block course is intended for women who are looking forward to return to strength, performance and fitness postpartum, while giving their core and pelvic floor time to heal.
To join the course, you don’t have to be a CrossFit athlete. Your goal should simply be to return to any kind of exercise or sport postpartum.  And of course, you are welcome to join the course if you are a few months or years postpartum and you want to work on your core and pelvic floor. It’s never too late to get started!

As in all the Mom’s classes and courses you have the option to bring your baby with you.

It is important that you have been cleared by your doctor before your start the course. Additionally, there will also be a 1:1 assessment prior to the course, so we have a better understanding of  your recovery and current needs.

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Courses take place with min. 3 participants

Postpartum assessment

Before you restart any kind of training or sport, we recommend to get an assessment, so that you have a good recovery and get the most out of your training.

The following checks are part of the assessment:

  • Check for abdominal muscle separation (diastasis recti)
  • Talk about individual pelvic floor concerns (e.g. pain or stress incontinence)
  • Going through basic functional movements and the adjustments needed
  • Plan the next steps for your postpartum rehab

The assessment is included in the Postpartum “Back-on-Track” Course.

Meet your coach

Agi Jäger

There is so much more to training and fitness during pregnancy and postpartum than just “keep doing what you did before, as long as you feel good about it”. Therefore, I want to share my knowledge and help women to be able to continue or restart training safely and with all the attention needed by their core, pelvic floor and new-moms bodies.

– Master of Science in Sport, Exercise and Health
– ACSM Personal Trainer
– Eleiko Strength Coach Level 1
– Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism Coach

CrossFit Credentials:
– CrossFit Level 2 Trainer


Moms class 10 sessions
CHF 240.-
  • valid for 4 months
  • Does not include CrossFit / OpenGym
Drop-ins Moms Class
CHF 32.-
  • send us a message if you would like to join single sessions
Postpartum assessment
CHF 80.-
  • includes an assessment of diastasis recti, basic functional movements & pelvic floor concerns during exercise
Postpartum "Back-on-Track" course
CHF 390.-
  • the Postpartum assessment prior to the course is included

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