A Tailored Approach To Fitness

We’ve got the perfect program for you regardless of your current experience or fitness goals. It doesn’t matter what shape or size you are because at CrossFit HelvetiX we’ve raised the bar for functional training with unique programs that all deliver an amazing workout. Whether you’re looking for the most intense workout in the world or you’re just interested in getting a great sweat in for 50 minutes…we’ve got you.


Our staple 55-minute fitness class. The workout of the day includes a functional warm-up, general strength & specific skill training, finishing with an intense Metabolic Conditioning. Different WOD everyday for 365 days a year. Say goodbye to boredom. 


Fast paced and fun 50-minute sessions to get your heart pumping. It’s easy to follow, high intensity and super sweaty. No heavy weights, no superhero skills, yet simple conditioning and great vibes. Leave with a smile. 

Moms Class

In these functional fitness classes pregnant and postpartum moms work out side by side and get strong together. The workouts are tailored to the individual needs and can be scaled to meet your current fitness level.

Kids and Teens Class

Structured and guided Functional Training for Kids and Teens seeking to gain coordinative skills and build the foundation of a healthy lifestyle through strength and endurance training in a fun and educational setting!

Personal Training 1:1

Group training is not for you? We provide 1:1 Personal Trainings for individual and specific needs. We also provide Remote Coaching and dual solutions, if your time is limited. Reach out for a free face to face consultation. 

Advanced Class

For more experienced athletes, we offer our 90-minute advanced class. The WOD is supplemented with accessory weightlifting, cardio and gymnastics parts to improve your capacity in all domains. Take your performance to the next level.

CrossFit 2-Coaches

This class combines our regular WOD and the CrossFit Intro for beginners. When you join our Intro, your personal Coach guides you through our Workout of the day. Newbies and veterans can workout side by side. Two Coaches make sure every athlete gets inputs for their individual level.

Olympic Lifting

Learn the Olympic lifts and optimize your weightlifting technique for strong and safe lifts in our barbell only class. We teach you the fundamentals of Snatch, Clean & Jerk. The weight is up to you, our Coach provides the skills. 


We focus on all bodyweight movements and practice skill-based progressions. Mobility and general core strength are the foundation of each session. You are chasing your first Pull-Up or like to improve your Handstand-walk? Alle levels are welcome. 


This class is all about becoming stronger. You won’t see any running or rowing in this class. Instead you will focus on your ability to lift heavy objects with proper form. Dumbbells, Barbells, Med-Balls, mixed up Strongman-style. But not only for men. 


A mix of aerobic and anaerobic cardio training, perfect to improve your engine. Basically running, rowing & Echo Bike, it also includes low skill strength endurance movements and light weights. Included in all our HIT & CrossFit memberships.


We offer generous space for individual training. Work on your weaknesses, supplement your training routine and keep your strength and fitness goals on track. Three Power racks with weightlifting platforms, mobility tools and various cardio options for your accessory work. 

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