Schedule Expansion 2023

Schedule Expansion 2023

As promised, we are going to expand our schedule and provide a lot more weekly training spots for you. More HIT, more Strength, more Endurance and more Oly Lifting. We managed to gain 38 (!) additional training spots each week for you.

In order to implement these improvements, we will have to give up the 2-Coaches classes on Tuesday`s and Thursday`s. At the same time, we shorten our CrossFit Intro for beginners from 5 to 3 sessions. If you have friends, who like to join for a beginner`s  trial (25,-) they can sign up online here.

Your new schedule will start next Monday, October 2nd. Check it out!

Check out the breakdown of the changes for every day:

Changes on Monday`s:

  • 2nd Oly Lifting instead of Strength at 18:00

Changes on Tuesday`s:

  • 2nd Endurance at 11:30 in parallel to CrossFit
  • CrossFit + Strength at 19:00 instead of 2-Coaches

NO Changes on Wednesday`s

Changes on Thursday`s:

  • 2nd Strength + CrossFit at 19:00 instead of 2-Coaches

Changes on Friday`s:

  • CrossFit at 16:00 (!) instead of 19:00
    This may not sound like an improvement to some people, but the Friday 7pm CrossFit class has the highest cancellation rate besides the weekend classes. We will provide two more spots in the Advanced class and in case the new CrossFit at 4pm isn`t working either, adaptions are possible anytime.

NO changes on Saturday`s

Changes on Sunday`s:

  • Additional HIT at 11:30
    Remember, every HIT membership enables Endurance as well and every CrossFit membership enables ALL classes + OpenGym.
Trials for beginners & experienced CrossFitters

If you have friends who would love to book a trial class for beginners, we have few spots left for new members.

Experienced CrossFitters may Drop-In for a trial class and decide afterwards if they want to proceed with one of our membership options. Or they reach out to

Finally, we want to thank our team of inspiring coaches for their effort 7 days a week. And of course we want to say thank you to all our beloved members for being CFH ambassadors inside & outside of the gym. You guys are awesome!

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