CFH Open Rules 2023

CFH Open Rules 2023

As last year, we will host three “Friday Night Lights”, where all participants tackle the workout together and stay for a drink or two. If your are new to CrossFit, we recommend to read more about the Open in general first.

Other than last year, the Open will not be free of charge. Participants have to book their spots for our “Friday Night Lights” via Wodify and it will be credited like any other class. The same applies for those who can not attend on Friday Night, but want to perform the Open Workouts during OpenGym times to collect points for their respective teams. These slots will be credited as well. But you and your buddy (who acts as the judge and vice versa) only need to reserve a single OpenGym spot, not two.

Other than last year, everyone is asked to bring his/her own food. If your teamcapatin likes to order Pizza for the whole team, feel free to do it. But the coaches will not be in charge of organizing food for every participant anymore. In return, CFH organizes all the drinks for our “afterwork” hang out. Beer, Gin and Wine will be free for you during Friday Night Lights.

The reason, we decided to charge for the Open is simple. Although the Open are super cool and rewarding for our community, these weeks are always busy as hell for all coaches & box-owners involved. Members get a great workout, get their scores submitted and participate in well organized events. So why not pay for it? We totally understand, if you don`t want to pay an additional 20,- USD for official registration, that`s why everyone can join without beeing officially registered, as well.

Find your team

Join your favorite team and contribute to your team`s success. All you need to do is participate and perform 3 workouts in 3 weeks (preferred but not mandatory on our Friday Night Lights). It doesn`t matter, which level you choose and how great your performance will be. These are the teams and their respective team captains:

  • “Beerfacing Burpees” Philipp Bless and Coach Daniel (vice captain)
  • “Gin over Bar” Firat Aslan and Coach Micha (vice captain)
  • “Wine for Time” Nano Blake & Lene Axelsen and Coach Dome (vice captain)

You can use the new Wodify chat feature to get in touch with your vice team captain and let em know you`re in the Open. In order to participate in our “Friday Night Lights”, athletes must register for one of the three teams via Google Forms. Three QR codes are available on the info board next to our Wodify screen in the gym. Please make sure to fill out the corresponding form for your desired team and don`t forget to reserve your individual spot via Wodify as well!

Find your level

Every workout can be tackled in different versions/divisions, making it easy to find a place where you can be challenged yet not discouraged. You don`t need to know your divsion in advance. Once the workout is published, you are able to choose your preferred version. That means, it is possible to perform one workout Rx`d and the next one scaled, if e.g. the weight requirements for Rx`d are out of reach for you. Just be aware, switching divisions within the 3 workouts has an impact on your ranking on the leaderboard.

Read more about these divisions and the Open in general here!

Scoring for your team

Every athlete, who performs the workout anytime between Friday and Monday earns 1 point for his team. Judge and scoresheet mandatory. No matter which division and no matter if officially registered or not. 1 extra point is credited, if the athlete is a CrossFit newbie and performs his/her first CrossFit Open.

The following extra points are only credited if these athletes are officially registered via HOME 2023 – 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Open

  • 3 extra points for best CFH score female/male rxd divison, 2 points for 2nd, 1 point for 3rd.
  • 3 extra points for best CFH score female/male scaled division, 2 points for 2nd, 1 point for 3rd.
  • 3 extra points for best CFH score female/male foundations division, 2 points for 2nd, 1 point for 3rd.
  • 3 extra points for best CFH score female/male masters 55+ division, 2 points for 2nd, 1 point for 3rd.

These bonus points below include not only Friday Night Lights competitors, but also team members who join for the social part only:

  • 4 bonus points will be credited if 80% or more of your team members will show up on our Friday Night Lights.

Athletes not assigned to a team, but like to participate last minute, will be assigned to the team with the fewest members. Please note that you need an official scoresheet filled out by a judge during each workout. No matter if you are officially registered or you just like to collect points for our internal team ranking. No scoresheet, no points.

If you register via Wodify for our “Friday Night Lights”, please make sure, you…

  • Review the workout + movements standards for your division in advance, via our social media or the official The Open | CrossFit Games
  • Arrive in time for the briefing, check the heatlist and perform your individual warm-up!
  • Stay until every heat and every athlete is done and cheer for your peers as hard as you can!
  • Help your coaches, judging fellow athletes and setting up equipment for the next heats, if needed!

The social part is planned to start around 8pm, as soon as everyone is finished. Stay for a drink or two and feel free to bring your own food (sharing is caring) teammates and coaches love fingerfood.

We would love to see people hang around for the whole event from start to finish. Doors open at 16:30 each Friday and the first briefing will start at 17:00. In case you can only stay for a limited amount of time, please don`t just do your workout and leave. Help us judge other athlete`s performances and cheer for your peers as hard as you can.

If you register for a Friday Night Light slot, we expect you to stay at least the full hour. It is also possible to just pop in for the booze around 8pm if you can`t make it earlier. This could lead to extra points for your team, even if you don`t perform the workout on Friday night. Spectators are welcome anytime.

For questions, feel free to write a comment below, shoot e-mail to or get in touch with your vice team captain via Wodify chat.

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