Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights

Everyone is talking about The Open and your Coaches promote this event for weeks, now. But you still don`t know exactly how it works, because this is your first time?

Structurally, the Open is a series of workouts spaced across three weeks. The Open follows the same cadence each week. The workout is released on the CrossFit Games website on Thursdays at 12 p.m. (noon) Pacific Time, and you have until Monday at 5 p.m. PT to do the workout and submit your score online. At the end of each week, you can see where you stack up against the world, in your age group, and within your division by viewing the worldwide. Only ambitious athletes should review the official Rulebook | CrossFit Games in advance.

Every workout can be tackled in different versions/divisions, making it easy to find a place where you can be challenged yet not discouraged. You don`t need to know your divsion in advance. Once the workout is published, you are able to choose your preferred version. That means, it is possible to perform one workout Rx`d and the next one scaled, if e.g. the weight requirements for Rx`d are out of reach for you. Just be aware, switching divisions within the 3 workouts has an impact on your ranking on the leaderboard.

Here are some of the divisions you can choose from:

  • Rx’d – Do the workouts as written. This is the most challenging option, yet many individuals have moved from scaled to Rx’d as they progress from year to year.

  • Age Groups – There are nine age group divisions offering Rx’d and scaled versions of the workouts for teenage athletes aged 14-17 as well as masters athletes ages 35+.

  • Scaled – Not quite ready to tackle the workouts as written? No problem. The scaled division offers classic scaling options for many of CrossFit’s common gymnastics movements and includes lighter loading.

  • Foundations – Just started CrossFit or maybe this is your first Open? The foundations workouts are a great place to start.

We invite you to join our Friday Night Lights free of charge! There are extra classes every Friday at 18:00 and 19:00. Reserve your spot via Wodify (won`t be credited, beause we offer this event for free). You can also decide to register officially via “What Is the CrossFit Open, and Why Should I Sign Up?”

But you don`t need to spend 20 USD, if you don`t plan to reach the quarterfinals and don`t care about your ranking. You can participate for free, if you are just looking for a challenge and like to enjoy the community part.

Note: No Oly Lifting class on Friday`s and 2-Coaches at 17:00 (!) for the next 3 weeks!

If you register via Wodify for our “Friday Night Lights”, please make sure, you…

  • Review the workout + movements standards for your division in advance, via our social media or the official The Open | CrossFit Games
  • Arrive in time for the briefing, check the heatlist and perform your individual warm-up!
  • Stay until every heat and every athlete is done and cheer for your peers as hard as you can!
  • Help your coaches, judging fellow athletes and setting up equipment for the next heats, if needed!

The social part is planned to start around 8pm, as soon as everyone is finished. Stay for Pizza & beer or feel free to bring your own food (tip: your coaches love all kinds of sweets & dessert)

Read below, if you like to help as a judge:

The Judge`s primary responsibility is to confirm the athlete`s performance, by:

  1. Ensuring correct order, loading and rep count before the start of the event (CFH tip: Make sure in advance that your athlete knows what to do!)
  2. Enforcing movement standards during the event (CFH tip: Judges should position to the side of the athlete so they can see the entire body!)
  3. Recording the correct event results, including reps completed, loading and finish time once the event has concluded (CFH tip: Scoring sheet and pen are judges standard equipment!)

Judges must be objective & constistent. Both judges and athletes are responsible for upholding the spirit and rules of the competition. We don`t allow “Bro-Reps” for your best buddy, not for coaches, neither for Games contenders 😉

…if an athlete comes close, but does not meet the movement standard, the judge should call a “no-rep” and make the athlete repeat the movement…(CFH tip: Tell your athlete what needs to change, in order to get a good rep!)

The official CrossFit Judges Course allows a deeper understanding of all our movement standards and provides valuable tips for judges and athletes of any level. Although it isn`t mandatory for inhouse competitions, we recommend taking the judges course at least once in your life as a CrossFitter.

It costs 10 USD and takes around 30mins (maybe a bit longer for newbies). And you are rewarded with a fancy certificate (below).

Your coaches are looking forward to another great event and we hope to see all of you on Friday!

Your Team CFH

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