HelveKids & Teens – A mother`s review

HelveKids & Teens – A mother`s review

Our Functional Fitness Program for Kids & Teens started in January 2023 under the guidance of Coach Dome, an experienced CrossFit Level 3 Coach with a passion for inspiring greatness. Melinda from Fresh Air Kids Switzerland brought her son to a free trial and wrote a blog post about their experience:

“As a mother of a teen, I recognize and appreciate how fitness in the lives of our children teaches not only body positivity and awareness, but also discipline and teamwork. Children learn to develop and test their skills in a secure environment, where importance is placed on building confidence and strength, all the while, having a good time. Children of all ages benefit from sports as a way to cope with stress and learn appreciation for their bodies. CrossFit is one approach of introducing children to the healthy benefits of an active lifestyle.”

“From the moment children arrive to the gym, they are welcomed with a fist bump and upbeat music. The instructor, who is highly qualified and motivational, reviews with the children what they will be working on during their hour together using a whiteboard as a visual. A warm up promptly begins where proper form is emphasized in a way children can easily understand. For example, “stand up straight with your chest out like a gorilla.” The children work through their movements with the coach always at their side. Instruction is delivered in a practical way, where fun, coordination, conditioning, and skill are at the core of the training session.”

highly qualified trainer

“The current trainer, Dominik Buchmann, delivers the class in an entertaining way that not only engages the children, but also teaches and demonstrates proper body mechanics. His qualifications are instantly visible the movement he starts the warm up.”

fun and energetic

“From the moment the children start their warm up until they cool down, they were constantly moving and engaged. The class toggled through a series of demonstrations followed by children testing their newly acquired skills. The class finished off with the children putting into practice what was learned in a comprehensive and engaging way. The children work up a sweat, as a deep sense of accomplishment washes over them.”

focus on form and proper technique

“Not all gyms are created equal when it comes to emphasizing the proper techniques to complete each and every move. CrossFit HelvetiX is a gym that places a great deal of energy into making sure their participants are performing exercises correctly. Proper technique translates into less injuries and overall, better fitness results. The children’s program is no exception.”

Read the full article on Fresh Air Kids Switzerland and see all the details of our HelveKids & Teens below:

New Courses start end of August

The Autumn Semester of our Kids and Teens CrossFit Program begins on 26th August 2023. Every Saturday (except school holidays), we’ll be here to guide your kids and teens on their fitness journey!

free trial class

“For those looking to get a feel for the HelveKids & HelveTeens program, CrossFit HelvetiX offers one free trial class. This trial class provides a hands on, practical overview where children get to test the program before committing. Classes are offered in German and English.”

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HelveKids & Teens

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