Events 2023 (past & future)

Events 2023 (past & future)

The CrossFit Open

The 2023 event season kicked off with the CrossFit Open in February. This year, we dediced to relive our infamous booze inspired Open teams: Beerfacing Burpees, Wine for time and Gin over Bar were battling for the crown. All team captains did their best to recrute as many athletes as possible for their respective teams.

After 3 weeks, 3 workouts and 3 awesome Friday Night Lights, team Gin over Bar won our intramural Open. The consistency of all team members was their key to success. The fantastic atmosphere on these Friday Night Lights compensates for endless hours of studying movement standards, racking our brains over floor plans and taping endless lines. We will come back stronger next year.

9-Year Anniversary

In April, we were celebrating our traditional Box anniversary. Already 9 years a CrossFit affiliate and our tribe is still growing. That was the first time we had to split the crowd in an indoor and an outdoor group, working at the same time, because of so many members partcipating. Check out the video recap of our Workout special with 70 members and coaches teaming up for a massive sweat party.

Last year was arguable more glamouros with cocktails & smash burgers. But once again, it was a record breaking event and we will definetly go all in next year. Our CFH tribe is the greatest display of community and the proof for the success of the CrossFit formular. Expect something great for our 10-year anniversary in 2024. No holds barred.

Murph Special

End of May, on Pfingstmontag, we held our first official MURPH Hero Special. See more about the origin of MURPH here. Since our programming included weekly training sessions for the most famous hero workout, which cummulated in an awesome event. More than 30 brave members did accept one of the cruelest challenges out there. Some tackled it in teams of 2, some others alone and a few were able to finish Rxd, including a heavy weight vest. We`ve seen strong performances and we will definetely be back next year.

Swiss Team Challenge

This year`s STC was held throughout Switzerland on June 16th. Our coaches finished the Box-facelift just in time to host the mixed teams of 4 competition in a fresh surrounding.

Team “Kill`em with kindness” not only surprised with the hottest outfits, they finished 18th out of 410 (!) Regular teams. “HelveCoachiX” finished 20th out of 120 Firebreather teams. Not far behind, team “Aggressively Average” from CF Höllental.

We finished a full day of lifting, sweating and teamwork with our traditional BBQ & beers. STC will come back next year and we will be IN for sure.

Learn more about the Swiss Team Challenge and check out the final leaderboards for all levels.

All pics below by Katerina @ptichkafilms

STC 23 Gallery

Our next events are right around the corner:

Your Team CFH

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