Swiss Team Challenge 22

Swiss Team Challenge 22

Finally, after a 2-year absence, the Swiss Team Challenge was back at CFH. And in old tradition “CrossFit Höllental” was joining our event for a total of 16 teams and 64 athletes. The gymnastics skill requirements had been raised quite a bit, but there was a great mix of all levels competing. Talking of tradition, weather & vibes could not have been any better. It was a perfect day.

All 3 events & workouts were quite long and sometimes confusing regarding the switch of movements and reps. Especially for the not so experienced athletes and judges, the competition floor looked like a bunch of people with no regard for human life. But that`s why it`s called a team challenge and if you ever wondered what`s so special about CrossFit, you could see and feel it on Saturday. Teamwork, fun, community, hard work and happy faces all over. We love it!

Just in case you are interested in the overall leaderbaords, check out here: WODcast | WODcast – Online Event Leaderboard It is possible to see how your team performed compared to other CFH teams. Just check the leaderboard for your team, klick on your team and you will see detailled results of all 4 workouts. There is a link that says “Compare your score with other athletes from your affiliate”. Now you see the ranking of all the CFH teams who competed at the same level.

Thank you so much for participating and for sharing an awesome day with us! We are looking forward to our next events. Check out our website Fun Community Events | CrossFit HelvetiX

Just in case you like to improve your Gymnastics skills, there are spots left for our Invictus Gymnastics Seminar in September. Click the button and see the details!

Your Team CFH

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